The Gallery

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Barb, Kelly, Joe, Dawn 


Kelly, Kristine, Joe, Dawn 


Barbara, Kelly, Joe, Dawn (2016) Kelly, Kristine, Joe, Dawn (2016)


Holly, Joe, Jim 


Joe, Jim, 


Jim, Joe 
Holly, Joe, Jim (2015) Jim, Joe, Holly (2011) Joe and Jim (2011)


Joe portrait 2010 


Joe and Bob 2010 


Joe and Jim 2010 
Joe (2010) Joe and Bob (2010) Joe and Jim (2010)


Joe and his sisters 


Joe and Jacob 


Joe and Joelle 
Joe and his sisters (2010) Joe and Jacob (2010) Joe and Joelle (2010)


Joe and Joey 


Joe and Kathy 


Joe and Joyce 
Joe and Joey (2010) Joe and Kathy (2010) Joe and Joyce (2011)


Joe in cell 




Joe's lawyer 
Joe in SBCC (2006) Ray in SBCC (2005) Joe and lawyer (2007)


Bob, Joe, Jim 


Jim, Joe, Bob 


Bob, Karen, Barb
Bob, Joe, Jim (2007) Jim, Joe, Bob (2006) Bob, Karen, Barb (2004) 


Joe portrait


Lynnette & Joe 1993


Lynnette & Joe 1985
Joe (1994)    Mr. and Mrs. (1993)     Joe & Lynnette (1985)  


Joann, Joe, Laura 1983 


Laura & Joe 1983 


Laura, friend, Joe pic
Joann, Joe, Laura (1983)    Laura & Joe (1983)    Laura, friend, Joe pic (1983) 


Joe, Joann 1983 


Joe, Joann 1983 


Rosie w/ Joe pic
Joe & Joann (1983)    Joe & Joann (1983)    Rosie w/ Joe pic (1983) 


Joe portrait 


Elsie & Joe 


Lynnette & Joe 1973 
Joe (1982)    Elsie (mom) & Joe (1978)    Lynnette & Joe (1973) 


Parris island platoon  


Bronze Star pinning  


Marine wedding 
Platoon 318, Parris Island
Closeup (Joe in center)   
Receipt of Bronze Star (1966) Wedding in Vineland, NJ (1968)


Joe's jacket




Joe's medals


Joe's ribbons
The uniform jacket of 20-year old Sergeant Labriola Medals     Ribbons  
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