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Free At Last Joe's petition for medical parole succeeds! He was released from Shirley Medium prison on March 18. (Posted: 3/21/19)
13 Joe's friend Mike Skinner talks about pushing Joe in his wheelchair for 20 miles in the October, 2018, Toys-for-Tots fundraiser. (Re-posted: 3/01/19)
The Marine and The Mudder Mike Skinner describes what it was like to push Joe in his wheelchair for 20 miles in the May, 2018, Walk for Hunger fundraiser at the Shirley Medium prison. (Posted: 2/28/19)
One of America's Harshest Isolation Units Was Exposed by a Desperate, Handwritten Account From the Inside By his count, Joe has spent over 18 years in segregation (solitary confinement). This Feb. 19, 2019 NBC News article by Jon Schuppe highlights the prevalence and damage resulting from the still widespread use of solitary confinement in American jails and prisons. (Posted: 2/21/19)
The Death Penalty
By Increments:
Life Without Parole
Joe remembers his introduction to prison and speaks to the harshness of a sentence to life in prison with no hope of parole. (Posted: 12/13/18)
Drugs, murder, sickness and poetry This article by Scott Calzolaio retells Joe's story for readers of the Milford Daily News, and it highlights the support and advocacy of Milford resident Karen Schullman. (Posted: 11/11/18)
Curiosity Joe reflects on the "career" of his own curiosity. (Posted: 11/06/18)