Recent Additions

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Barbara, Kelly, Dawn, Kristine Recent photos of Joe and his sister Barbara's family (Posted: 8/7/16)
Hearts of Men Joe empathizes with men enduring extremes of deprivation (Posted: 5/24/16)
Themes Joe offers short reflections on significant life themes (Posted: 3/19/16)
Finding Religion Through Fear As a boy, Joe's conscience yielded to necessity (Posted: 3/19/16)
A Transformative Realization Joe describes the peace he found through Zen (Posted: 3/15/16)
Choosing When and How To Die Joe recalls his mother's death (Posted: 3/12/16)
The Death of Hamlet Miller Joe remembers Kenny Miller (Posted: 3/12/16)
Another Man's Shoes Joe recounts a lesson of his war experience (Posted: 3/12/16)
My Neighborhood Joe reflects on where he grew up (Posted: 3/12/16)
Fear Joe describes the agreement he reached with Fear (Posted: 3/12/16)
Holly, Joe, Jim A more recent photo of Joe and friends (Posted: 3/12/16)
Commutations, Voting Rights, and Veterans in Prison Joe speaks (to a gathering that includes a few members of the Mass. Congress) of the continued neglect and stripping of rights of prison inmates (Posted: 11/29/15)
The Prison Terrorist: "Wears the Badge" Article in Mass Dissent by Tim Muise (Posted: 10/18/15)
Emotional Enemy A new poem from Joe (Posted: 10/18/15)
Merton, The New Man, and Me Joe speaks of his discovery of Thomas Merton (Posted: 10/18/15)