Recent Additions

The most recent events and additions to are listed below.

Prisms of War by Joe Labriola Joe's book of poetry, Prisms of War, received a succint, well-written review in May by David Willson in the "Books in Review II" online complement to "Books in Review," which runs in The VVA Veteran, the national magazine of Vietnam Veterans of America. (Posted: 6/17/17)
A Guy Named Joe Mike Skinner asks 60 Minutes and the Boston Globe to step up and finish their work. (Posted: 5/20/17)
Barbara, Kelly, Dawn, Kristine Recent photos of Joe and his sister Barbara's family (Posted: 8/7/16)
Hearts of Men Joe empathizes with men enduring extremes of deprivation (Posted: 5/24/16)
Themes Joe offers short reflections on significant life themes (Posted: 3/19/16)
Finding Religion Through Fear As a boy, Joe's conscience yielded to necessity (Posted: 3/19/16)
A Transformative Realization Joe describes the peace he found through Zen (Posted: 3/15/16)
Choosing When and How To Die Joe recalls his mother's death (Posted: 3/12/16)
The Death of Hamlet Miller Joe remembers Kenny Miller (Posted: 3/12/16)
Another Man's Shoes Joe recounts a lesson of his war experience (Posted: 3/12/16)
My Neighborhood Joe reflects on where he grew up (Posted: 3/12/16)
Fear Joe describes the agreement he reached with Fear (Posted: 3/12/16)
Holly, Joe, Jim A more recent photo of Joe and friends (Posted: 3/12/16)