Joe's Petition

Joseph F. Labriola W-34248
MCI Shirley
P. O. Box 1218
Shirley, Mass, 01464-1218
www.freejoelab. com

His Excellency
Governor Deval Patrick
State House Building
Boston, Mass. 02133


Your Excellency:

It will take great courage for you to grant me a commutation, and I want you to know that I understand just how difficult it will be. It has been my experience as an American warrior in combat to make those tough calls and then dealing with the aftermath. So when I tell you that I understand how difficult this wll be, I mean it.

I do not know how much time remains of my life. I have severe COPD exacerbated by bronchiecstasis, which causes my lungs to constantly fill with fluid which must be expelled several times a day or I will, literally, drown. My old war wounds (shrapnel and bullet) cause me great pain, and I refuse any opiates for t as I would rather be clear-headed and in pain than cloudy and pain free. I find it ironic that in the end it is not the enemy bullets that will kill me but rather it is the chemicals my own country sprayed on us. I do not lament. We all must die of something. What is most important I think is how we lived. My almost-42 years in prison have been spent fighting for meaningful reform. I will continue to do so, as I believe it important to face my Goliath even as my life ebbs.

I humbly ask you to review my commutation package and to see that I am worthy of your trust and compassion.

Semper Fidelis,

Joseph Labriola